Optimizing People, Places and Technology

Smarter Working is an approach that puts people first by recognizing, accommodating, and nurturing their various work styles—whenever and wherever they work. It’s about designing or choosing workspaces for those flexible work styles, to inspire and enhance performance. It’s about harnessing technology to work seamlessly with people’s needs. And it means establishing a culture that fosters trust, loyalty, autonomy, collaboration, and, ultimately, productivity.

When organizations adopt the Smarter Working approach, they unlock profitability and potential. They can improve business processes and efficiencies, and gain more relevant insights. Employee well-being is enhanced because people are empowered to work better. IT teams work smarter, with technology that fits employees’ needs and reduces costs. HR departments are happier because they are
put in a better position to acquire and retain the best talent.

Whatever the size of your business, thinking about how, when, and where you apply the Smarter Working approach can help you improve business results and meet the demands of this new world of work.


Harnessing the power of voice and analytics to facilitate your company’s digital transformation


Collaborate effectively wherever and whenever.


Achieve greater productivity and action in your organization.


It’s not just you. Working in the office is getting harder today.